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About WEMATTER PXT Limited

W.E. Matter is a leading HR tech firm dedicated to transforming businesses and enhancing lives through innovative solutions for employee engagement and well-being. With a global presence, we collaborate with 100+ brands across the USA, Africa, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and more. Prashant, an IIM-A alumnus with an MBA and a B.Tech in mechanical engineering, draws on his leadership experience as CEO of Gallup India and Partner at Aon Hewitt to drive business growth. Through his W.E. Matter model and AI/ML algorithms, he provides CEOs and CHROs with precise insights, improving business performance in just two quarters. Saurabh Jain, an MBA graduate from IIM Raipur, is a co-founder and VP of business development at W.E. MATTER. With our surveys and services, W.E. Matter is the top choice for exceptional employee engagement surveys in India and around the globe. Enhance your journey with W.E. Matter.

Salaries and perks

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Corporate Sales
₹ 15,000 /month
HR Consultant
₹ 15,000 /month
Content Writing
₹ 15,000 /month
UI/UX Design
₹ 15,000 /month
Social Media Marketing
₹ 15,000 /month
Community Marketing
₹ 15,000 /month
Video Editing/Making
₹ 10,000 /month
Event Management
₹ 15,000 /month
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5 days a week
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